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08 May 2017

13th Trends in Brewing 2018 - Save the date!

The next International Conference TRENDS IN BREWING will take place April 8-12, 2018 in the historical city of Ghent. Save the date! The theme of the 13th edition is Opportunities Through Innovative Ingredients & Technologies - Recipes, better practices & challenges. Visit for more information

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Hydrophobins, beer foaming and gushing Volume 35, Issue 4, January 2011, Pages 85-101 Hydrophobins are surface active and their foaming potential is due to the presence of particular spatial arrangements of hydrophobic and hydrophilic amino acids. However, their presence eventually leads to overfoaming of beers. In beers and other liquids hydrophobin molecules aggregate around hydrophobic carbon dioxide molecules and form nano-structures, containing entrapped carbon dioxide. By pressure release at opening a bottle of beer, the nano-structures behave as nano-bombs. This explosion causes a sudden release of gaseous carbon dioxide, which is gushing. This review discusses the nature of hydrophobins, the foaming phenomenon and gushing. More >>

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